2015, Sound installation consisting of contact speakers mounted on the facade of La Monnaie and in the interior of Muntpunt.

While La Monnaie is closed for renovations, the building is stepping out of the spotlight. However, that doesn't mean that it will remain silent! Instead of listening to an opera, we invite you to listen to the opera house.


Music continues to resonate within its walls with six different stories sung in English, French, and Dutch. Next door, three more listening points inside the Muntpunt library tell their stories of La Monnaie. Let your imagination float away on stories that draw on historical events, the architecture, and the countless activities that take place to bring an opera to the stage.

1. Look for the above symbol on the doors of La Monnaie. There are six of them.
2. Press your ear against the door.
3. Listen to the story told by the building.
4. Locate three more symbols inside the Muntpunt library.
5. Carry the encounter with you into the city.

Photo ┬ęPierre-Philippe Hofmann

A project by: Elias Heuninck & Emi Kodama
Composer: Henry Vega
Voices: Elise Caluwaerts, Emi Kodama, Ivan Ludlow, Chantal Pattyn, Anat Spiegel
Technical development: Luc Hanneuse
Translators: Emilie Syssau, Steven Tallon