Motion design for a short by Koen Brams and Lisa Spilliaert

Autonomous temperature control for a blast furnace by Egon Van Herreweghe & Thomas Min

A computer controlled turntable to record a percussion piece performed by Stefaan Quix and his Quixtet

A full-dome video for a theater performance in a planetarium by Pieter De Buysser

Interactive sound installation in an exhibition by Emi Kodama

Video edits of three short films by Lisa Spilliaert

Sound mix for Eva Claus' short firm 'Hierro'

Software for a cinematographical installation by Stefaan Quix

Custom image processing for an experimental short by An Van Dienderen

Motion design for a short by Meggy Rustamova

Motion design for a short by Meggy Rustamova

Motion design for a short by Meggy Rustamova

Custom 24-channel spatialization software for sound installation by Ruben Nachtergaele

Motion design for a short film by Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire

Software for video installation at 'Not Kidding', International Film Festival Rotterdam

Interactive video playback software for theater performance by Naomi Kerkhove

Technical assistent for the production of the short 'Cherry Blossoms' by An Van Dienderen

Data post processing and visualisation at 'Time Inventor's Kabinet' festival at Okno in Brussels.

Video for a concert of Arnold Schönbergs Pierrot Lunaire

Sound spatialisation performance for experiments during a residency by Stefaan Quix at Q-O2.

Nerdy post production on a digital video-recording of analog TV noise for a work by Stefaan Quix.

Tongue in cheek artist statement generator by Jasper Rigole.