2010, Video installation, 8 min


Phantom Ride senses the boundaries of the landscape-image. With a simple algorithm that rearranges the pixels in the video file, the image-production chain (camera-computer-screen) stops representing and starts presenting a new reality. By applying a perspective change not with the camera but in the data file itself, a new sensibility to the awareness of space, shape and motion in the landscape-image develops. A still image becomes animated (picture, slide show, motion picture) and starts a game with the recognizable and the absolutely alien.

The work is presented on a screen that’s two-meters high and six-meters wide, which leans against the wall. Because of this, the image not only becomes monumental, but it also relates to the space it’s presented in. The screen gives weight to the image. Because the frame is standing on the floor, just like the onlooker, the two can come closer together to make the alien world of the video becomes accessible.

Thanks to: Anouk De Clercq, Stefaan Quix, Edwin Carels, Gawan Fagard, Jerry Galle, Ronald Heuninck, Martine Huvenne, KASK
Images: The British Film Institute, Chris White, Clay Johnston
Sound: Hans Vereyken


Phantom Ride has been shown at 2012
Installation in group exhibition 'CINEMA', De Voorkamer, Lier, BE
Installation in group exhibition 'Arcadian Boxes', Siakos Hanappe Gallery, Athens, GR
Installation in group exhibition 'Off-Track', Nest & De Witte Moor, Ghent, BE
Screening in 'Jonge Zwervers', Cinema OFFOFF, Ghent, BE

Screening, EMAF film festival, Osnabrück, DE

Installation in group exhibition 'Het Grote Ongeduld', KKGallery, Brussels, BE
Installation in graduation show, School of Arts, Ghent, BE