2010, Video, 5 min


‘Lyrical Nitrate’ (1991), a film by Peter Delpeut, is composed of old found film fragments. These were still printed on nitrate film, which is a delicate material. Not only is it highly flammable, but it also can’t withstand the decay of time. As the film progresses, the image further and further degrades until the separation between the image and the substrate dissolves. An incomplete file of this film is a contemporary form of degradation. It plays a game, just like the sensitive nitrate, with the disappearance and reappearance of the image.

Thanks to Peter Delpeut, Anouk De Clercq, Edwin Carels

Read a (Dutch) article about the work here

Lyrical Data has been shown at

Pilar, Brussels, March 5 - May 30 2020, group exhibition "The Wilderness Hidden underneath".

Installation in group exhibition ‘Imperfection’, Het Binnenhuis / Les Nuits Tout Court, Ghent, BE

Installation in group exhibition 'You are not what you seem', Zwart WIld, Ghent, BE
Installation in group exhibition 'Blijven Kijken / Ce qui nous regarde / Dropouts', Museum M, Leuven, BE

Screening at 'Lyrisch nitraat', EYE, Amsterdam, NL
Screening at Cinema OFFOFF and Timelab, Ghent, BE
Screening at IFFR film festival, programme ‘Signals: Regained’, Rotterdam, NL

Installation in group exhibition 'Expanding Documentary', De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL

Installation in group exhibition 'Tantamount', Timelab, Ghent, BE & Kapo, Kanazawa, JP
Installation in group exhibition 'Pluto Festival' Nijdrop, Opwijk, BE
Installation in graduation show, School of Arts, Gent, BE