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  1. Projects for others



  2. The Well Tempered Circle, Stefaan Quix, 2019

    Four studies in spatial phasing, by 8 percussionists.
    computer controlled camera recording



  3. The Tip Of The Tongue, Pieter De Buysser, 2017
    Monologue written for a planetarium
    Dome projection



  4. We let the grass grow under our feet, Emi Kodama, 2016
    Sound installation
    Interaction hard and software



  5. Growth Record 1, 2 and 3, Lisa Spilliaert, 2014 - 2016
    Short films
    Video edit



  6. Hierro, Eva Claus, 2016
    Short film
    Sound mix



  7. Licht Und Blindheit, Stefaan Quix, 2015
    Cinematographical installation



  8. Letter Home, An van. Dienderen, 2015
    video, 8 minutes
    Image processing



  9. Dislocation, Meggy Rustamova, 2014
    video, 11 minutes
    Motion design



  10. L'invitation au voyage, Meggy Rustamova, 2014
    video, 13 minutes
    Motion design



  11. Waiting for the secret, Meggy Rustamova, 2014
    video, 6 minutes
    Motion design



  12. I hear you, Ruben Nachtergaele, 2013
    Sound installation



  13. ©Photos: Hendrik Leper

    Pierrot Lunaire, 2012
    video for a concert of Arnold Schönbergs Pierrot Lunaire


    Music: Warped Time Ensemble: Claudia Ibarra (viool/altviool), Lukas Huisman (piano), Eline Duerinck (cello), Anna Pardo (zang), Annelies Heyvaert (dwarsfluit/piccolo), Sabine Schmitz (klarinet/basklarinet), Benjamin Glorieux (dirigent), Video: Hendrik Leper, Elias Heuninck, Ruben Nachtergaele. Production: School Of Arts, KASK



  14. ©Photo: Kaat Pype

    Valies, Naomi Kerkhove, 2012
    Theater performance
    Software for interactive video


    Creation, design and performance: Naomi Kerkhove, Design and performance: Sarah Geirnaert, Performance: Ilse De Koe, Music and sound: Ruben Nachtergaele, Cinematography: Koenraad Deblauwe, Programming: Elias Heuninck, Electronics & sensors: Ben Schockaert, Costumes: Claudine Grinwis, Dramaturgical advice: Simon Allemeersch, Lightning: Peter De Goy, Production: wpZimmer, Coproduction: Buda/Kortrijk, Vooruit/Gent, With the support of: Timelab/Gent, Campus TIO3 & Cultuurcentrum De Brouwerij/Ronse



  15. The Wave, Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire, 2012
    Short film, 10:00
    Motion design


    Concept & Camera: Katrien Vermeire & Sarah Vanagt, Editing: Inneke Van Waeyenberghe, Motion Design: Elias Heuninck, Sound Design: Larry Sider, Produced by: Balthasar, Coproduced by: Michigan Films, With the support from: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Vooruit Gent, Transat Video Caen, Printroom Rotterdam



  16. Cherry Blossoms, An van. Dienderen, 2012
    short film
    Technical assistent


    Cast: Carly Wijs, Photography: Sebastien Koeppel, Editing: Dieter Diependaele, Sound: Laszlo Umbreit Camera assistent: Léo Léfèvre, Technical assistent: Elias Heuninck, Translation: Itsushi Kawase & Emi Kodama, Japanese voice over: Emi Kodama, Produced by: Elektrischer Schnellseher, Funded by: VAF, School of Arts, University College Ghent 



  17. Fiction Quotes Fiction Reality Vanishes, Chien Cheng Hou, 2012
    video portrait



  18. Bee monitoring installation at 'Time Inventor's Kabinet' festival, organised by Okno, 2012
    Data post processing & visualisation



  19. ©Photo: Buster Keaton, Steamboat Bill

    Interactive video installation at 'Not Kidding', International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2012



  20. 32 stochastic ZFC variations for viola, Stefaan Quix, 2011
    sound spatialisation performance



  21. 500 letters, Jasper Rigole, 2010
    Generative biography project
    website programming

    Text Editing: Emi Kodama, Programming: Elias Heuninck, Produced by: Voorkamer, University College Ghent



  22. Not With A Bang But With A Whimper, Stefaan Quix, 2010
    Video installation
    Post production on video


    Artist: Stefaan Quix, Cinematography: Erik Nerinckx, Cello: Claire Goldfarb, Sound Recording: Els Viaene Post production: Elias Heuninck, Production cheloniamydas.org vzw Co-production: Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk, STUK/ARTEFACT, KC Belgie