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  1. In need for some tacos


    A collaboration with Lisa Wilkens, and Emi Kodama.

    The first time I opened the waste drawer of a 3D printer I was surprised I didn’t find a shapeless puddle of wax. Instead, the molten material had solidified to create a perfect miniature stalagmite. Unlike the 3D prints made by the machine, the stalagmite didn’t come from a digital file. I decided to scan it. Every time the waste drawer had to be emptied I repeated the process. The objects have both analogue and digital features. They feel ancient, but also have surface marks that hint to new technology. This ambiguity is emphasized by showing both digital and analogue versions of the objects in this video installation.


    Produced by: Research project 'Tools for things and ideas' and the Flemish community

    Has recently been on display at
    School of Arts, Ghent (BE), 26 November - 8 December 2019, - (installation in group exhibition W're Out Phishin')