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  1. In need for some tacos


    A collaboration with Lisa Wilkens, who will work with drawings and Emi Kodama, who wrote and narrated a story.

    One of the 3D printers at Formlab has a drawer on the bottom of the machine that collects waste material. The waste material solidifies while new material keeps dripping down. Small 3D prints make a little pool of waste material appear in the tray. Medium prints create small pointy mounds and large prints fill one side of the tray to the brim. I wasn’t informed by the 3D printer company that these objects could form and was surprised when I opened the drawer after the first 3D print. These unexpected byproducts have both a natural and digital feel to them since they visually refer to both ancient times and contemporary state-of-the-art technology. They look like stalagmites or cooled down lava and at the same time bear the traces of the high tech machine that made them. I’m fascinated that these objects have this ambiguity in them. It makes me think of the oppositions: creation and waste, intention and accident, precision and carelessness, being visible and invisible. It’s an accidental object. It’s unwanted but not rejected. I imagine it to be like a shadow of the 3D printed object.


    Produced by: Research project 'Tools for things and ideas' and the Flemish community

    Has recently been on display at
    School of Arts, Ghent (BE), 26 November - 8 December 2019, - (installation in group exhibition W're Out Phishin')